Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Neubaum and I love to take photos of the world around me. I am currently a Senior at Montrose High School, in Montrose Colorado. I have a passion for photography. My favorite things to take photos of are beautiful Colorado landscapes, nature- macro style, and random things at preservatives you don’t normally see them from. I like my photos to show how you can see the world differently if you look in the right places. Although I mostly take pictures of nature, I am working on getting more photos of other kinds of photography like portraits and events. I have photographed events like 2017 graduation, the Kit Farragher Foundation Event, and many high school sports so far.

So far I have taken classes like Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Apps, Advanced Computer Design, and I am a tutor for the Photography class now. This year I will be part of the Annual staff and will be photographing the events that happen at my school. I M also taking a class on web design and an internship in graphic design/ photo manipulation and I am loving them both! I am always learning new things to improve my photography and editing skills. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and I am expanding my knowledge of Photoshop too.

My Story

I got my first camera when I was about six or seven. It was one of those cameras that is basically a toy. It was made of red plastic and would take horribly over exposed pictures that I couldn’t even download onto the computer. My next camera, a few years later, was the same, but blue. Then I got another camera that was a bit more sophisticated; it was a point and shoot camera with an impressive zoom. This was probably how I started to like to take photos that were up close and personal with the subject. Then a while later I got the DLSR I have now, which has a lot of capabilities.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Kaitlyn,
    You have a very impressive website! I especially like your close-up shots including the butterfly above. Wow – just…wow! ~ Deb G.


  2. I particularly like your use of light. For example the dandelion photo. Or your picture called lines, which give a sense of depth. I like your sunset photos with silhouetting of the wind chime and the tree photo. Very creative, and it shows a lot of thought about your composition of the photo.


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